Custom Trophies For All Occasions


Wrestling Trophies Customized For All Activites

Wrestling trophies are used to mark champions in varsity, club, and youth wrestling programs. There’s no better way to honor a tournament victor than with a fully customized trophy. Although awards like medals and plaques are among the more traditional types of wrestling awards, modern trophy manufacturers and suppliers now offer a full array of cup, statue, and platform trophies that are perfect for wrestlers of all ages, including arm wrestlers.

When looking for a classical style of trophy, cup trophies are a suitable option. Usually, cup, bowl, or urn styles are inscribed and affixed to a wooden base. The base then provides additional space for nameplates. When used as perpetual wrestling trophies, engraving can be added season after season. This style of wrestling award looks great in showcases and displays. And with the sturdy, high-quality materials used in their production, cup-style wrestling trophies will maintain their appeal and integrity over the years, even as they are passed from one winning team to another.

For custom wrestling trophies that provide many personalized elements, a platform or tiered style of trophy gives the designer a lot of options. Topping figures, including wrestlers and symbols of victory, are finished with high-shine, gold-tone coatings. Full-color emblems with custom graphics can also be incorporated. A basic arrangement that includes just a figure, base, and engraved plate provides a cost-effective option for youth wrestling trophies and participation awards. It’s also easy to build-up and expand upon designs with the addition of colored ribbons and columns, multiple platforms, trim ornaments, and more. This style is also popular for arm wrestling trophies.

Wrestling custom trophies made from acrylic, glass, and crystal have also grown in popularity. Like trophy cups, they allow for surface inscription and incorporation with a wooden base. Laser etching with custom text and graphics can also be added. Although they do not allow for as much design customization as platform or tiered wrestling trophies, they are highly stylized and quite eye-catching, which makes them suitable for celebrating outstanding abilities and the contributions of coaches, team captains, and other hardworking individuals.

When searching for wrestling trophies for sale, many providers will now enable customers to browse and specify all their design features online. This capability makes it easier to get a sense of how the finished trophy will come together so an appropriate selection can be made for a specific event or recipient. 

How long is a wrestling tournament?

Wrestling match times vary based on the age/level of the wrestlers, with each match consisting of three periods. Each period will last between one and three minutes, amounting to a match that will be a total of three to nine minutes.               

Who has won the most Olympic gold medals in wrestling?

The greatest number of Olympic gold medals won in freestyle wrestling are the three won by Aleksandr Medved of the former Soviet Union. He remains undefeated as an Olympic wrestler. 

What is the difference between freestyle wrestling and Greco Roman wrestling?

Greco-Roman wrestling restricts all holds to above the waist. In freestyle wrestling, wrestlers may use their legs for offensive and defensive moves against the opponent. Grecco-Roman wrestlers must also maintain contact with their opponent for the takedown count, while freestyle wrestlers can toss opponents down to the mat and regain contact for a takedown. There are additional rules that vary across the two styles, including how wrestlers may escape from a hold and how points are scored. 

Who has won the most world wrestling championships?  

Ric Flair holds the greatest number of titles over his 40-year career as a professional wrestler. His championship titles have included honors in the NWA, WWF, and WCE.