Custom Trophies For All Occasions

Softball Trophies Customized For All Teams

Softball trophies are customizable awards that are perfect for boys’ and girls’ softball leagues, JV, varsity, college, and youth sports club series. They are available in many styles, each of which offers their own customizable features.

To create truly unique softball trophies, one of the best choices is the classic statue or platform trophy. The most basic design includes a metallic-tone figure, wood or stone base, and an inscribable plate for player and team names, titles, and dates. These styles of trophies can be further customized with the addition of columns and tiers, trim ornaments, colored ribbons, and more. Softball trophies will frequently feature a topping figure portraying a boy or girl softball player or victory symbols, stars, and other icons. 

As this style of custom trophy starts with a basic kit that can then be built upon, they can be very friendly to any range of budget. Keeping designs simple is one option when looking for cheap softball trophies. Other low-cost softball awards include ribbons and medals.

Softball trophies can also be cup style, which can be engraved directly on the face of the cup and paired with a wood base. Base heights can vary to allow for multiple nameplates. This is a great option for trophies that will be used as perpetual awards. As winners grow with each season, a new plate can be inscribed and affixed to the trophy’s base. 

Crystal, glass, and acrylic style awards are a more contemporary type of trophy. These styles are growing in popularity as perpetual awards, coach recognition pieces, and MVP trophies. They feature dynamic forms that can provide a visually pleasing contrast within a trophy showcase. 

One of the major advantages of buying softball trophies online is the ability to see all customization options and the ease of submitting digital artwork, engraving specifics, and other details with your order. Modern trophy suppliers frequently offer laser etching and specialized printing services that allow speedy creation of one-of-a-kind trophies and many other awards. 

How much do trophies cost for a softball tournament?

The cost of a single softball trophy will vary considerably based on the materials from which they are made and the degree of customizations required. Some of the most expensive softball trophies are those made from crystal and those that feature silver plating and other more luxurious materials. For basic trophies commonly used for youth softball tournaments and series, individual trophies can be as little as a few dollars each. Many manufacturers will offer price breaks for larger quantities of trophies. When ordering trophies for a whole team or championship, softball trophies can be very inexpensive.   

What are some types of softball awards?

Common categories of softball awards include the MVP award, leadership award, most improved award, sportsmanship award, and the top hitter award. Trophies are among the most popular types of softball awards, but resin statues, plaques, ribbons, and medals are also appropriate options for custom softball awards. 

Why is softball called softball?

Softball gets its name from the ball originally used during games in the late 19th and early 20th century. Balls were larger and considerably softer than baseballs used at the time. Modern-day softballs, while still larger than regulation baseballs, are no longer soft.   

Why is a softball yellow?

Softballs are available in white but yellow balls are increasingly used in games for increased visibility and player safety. The distance between home plate and pitching mound is a shorter distance than that of a baseball diamond. Therefore, improved ball visibility helps to account for reduced response time for the player at-bat.  

What is fastpitch softball?

Fastpitch softball or fastball is a highly competitive variation on regular softball that involves players pitching the ball in an underhanded motion at speeds ranging from 70 to 85 miles per hour. Fastpitch softball is played by men and women and is a competitive category in college softball tournaments and some Olympic games.