Custom Trophies For All Occasions


Soccer Trophies For All Sports and Activites

Soccer trophies are very much in demand, as the popularity of the sport has grown among kids, teens, and even as an adult sports club activity or for fantasy sports leagues. With many different styles to customize, including the classic cup and more modern varieties, there are virtually countless options when customizing trophies for kids and grown-ups, teams and individuals.

Soccer trophy cups are among the more traditional types of awards. They are most commonly silver or gold and are cup, bowl, or urn-shaped. They can be ornate or quite simple. They can be engraved on their surface but can also be affixed to a wooden base with an engraved plate. When a trophy cup needs to be used as a perpetual soccer award, an extra-wide or tall base can accommodate a series of engraved plates, making it possible to denote winners season after season. Soccer plaques and statue style awards can also be used in this way.

A platform or tiered trophy, complete with columns, ribbons, and a topping figure, is traditional and quite eye-catching. If cheap soccer trophies are needed when budgets are limited but multiple trophies are required, a multi-tiered style trophy can be simplified to include just a base, engraved plate, and a gold-tone player, victory symbol, or colored emblem.

A wide selection of trim ornaments makes it easy to personalize boys’ and girls’ soccer trophies, as well as gender-neutral awards. Other low-cost soccer awards for kids include medals, ribbons, and custom printed products, like sports bottles, duffel bags, and sweatshirts.  

When more ornate, high-style, soccer trophies are required, a glass or crystal trophy is an excellent option. There are also trophies that are reminiscent of the World Cup trophy and other famous soccer awards. Like trophy cups, these types of awards look quite impressive within a club or school showcase. They’re equally suitable as perpetual or fantasy soccer awards. When used as individual awards, they are a great choice for recognizing outstanding athletic skills and MVPs. 

Where can I buy soccer trophies?

Soccer trophies can be purchased from trophy shops as well as many web retailers. One advantage of shopping online is the ability to see all individual trophy styles and options by simply clicking through designs. Many trophy suppliers give buyers the ability to submit digital artwork and engraving specs through their catalog. 

What are the best soccer trophies for kids?

In most cases, soccer trophies for kids are individual awards, meaning a trophy is awarded to each individual player to take home as a personal memento. A youth soccer trophy comprised of a base, engraved plate, and figure atop a column is an affordable and appealing choice. Plaques that double as frames for team photos, medals, and ribbons are also popular alternatives to kids’ soccer trophies. Other awards can include personalized products like custom water bottles, sports bags, t-shirts, and more.    

How do you personalize soccer trophies?

There are multiple methods for personalizing soccer trophies. The simplest way to accomplish this is with engraving, either by laser etching the surface of the trophy or by mounting a nameplate to the trophy’s base. Modern trophy manufacturers have made it possible to incorporate other custom touches, including digital artwork, which can be laser etched or printed and affixed as a colored emblem. Additions like trim ornaments, colored ribbons and metallic-tone columns provide many options for making a trophy that’s unique to a team, individual, or event.