Custom Trophies For All Occasions

Hockey Trophies Customized For All Occasions

Hockey trophies have a long history, with the Stanley Cup being one of the oldest professional sports trophies in the world.  The trophy is so iconic and so synonymous with the sport, that the National Hockey League playoff tournament is often simply referred to as the Stanley Cup or just “The Cup”. It easy to see why the proudest moments in hockey feature players skating across the ice with a trophy held high.  

The ice hockey trophy tradition has held strong, as trophies are almost always used to commemorate victories at youth sporting events, community and minor league championships, and other events. And while ice and field hockey trophies are a standard, their designs range from classic to contemporary. 

Hockey trophies can be styled in the same fashion as those used for many other sports. These trophies are often made from plastic or resin and feature a gold-tone coating. These materials are meant to be sturdy—as they’re intended to be keepsakes and display pieces for the victor--in addition to eye-catching. The metallic sheen of a trophy under the lights of a rink or arena can add a lot to a winning moment.

Trophy features include topping figures depicting players in action and goalies making a dramatic save. Modern hockey trophies will often feature metallic, colored emblems and striping made from mylar and other high-sheen materials. These additions may show team or event theme colors and can be used to contrast wood and marble-finish bases. Trophies also feature other ornaments that symbolize victory, including stars and eagles, as well as place markers and event year. 

The inscription plate is an essential part of any trophy. These elements can be kept plain for later inscription, after the winning teams and MVPs are determined, or inscribed in advanced by a trophy manufacturer or seller. 

These customized trophies aren’t only for ice, roller, and field hockey players; fantasy hockey trophies have grown in popularity with the rise of fantasy sports. Local fantasy leagues are now personalizing trophies for fantasy winners to take home in addition--or as an alternative--to cash prizes.

Another notable hockey trend is the deviation from traditional platform- and cup-style trophies to more contemporary crystal and glass awards. These awards are often more highly stylized, with customization completed through laser etching.    

When searching for hockey trophies for sale, it’s gotten much easier to see all trophy customization options through many trophy supplier websites.     

How long does it take to make a hockey trophy?

Depending on the capabilities of the supplier and the degree of customization, many online trophy shops can complete a trophy order within a few days. Many trophies are put together as kits from standard parts with the majority of the customization work being done as engraving. Some trophies may take longer to produce if one-of-a-kind or handcrafted components are included. Although with advances in technology like laser engraving and 3D printing, even highly custom hockey trophies can be produced and shipped within a few weeks or days.  

Do NHL players get to keep their hockey trophies?

Most NHL trophies are not kept by the players, although they will appear with the trophies like the Stanley Cup when it is toured or displayed for public events. Players will often receive mini trophies to keep instead. Teams and/or player names are often inscribed on the hockey trophy to commemorate the team or individual who has taken the title for that season.    

How many trophies are in the NHL?

There are current 18 trophies and awards that are given out by the National Hockey League. The oldest and the most famous is the Stanley Cup, while the most recent—having been inaugurated in 2010—is the General Manager of the Year Award. Some trophies, like the Stanley Cup, the O’Brien Cup, and the Presidents' Trophy are team trophies. Trophies like the Hart Memorial Trophy and the Vezina Trophy are awarded to individuals. 

What is the NHL MVP trophy called?

The Hart Memorial Trophy is awarded to the most valuable player in the National Hockey League. It was formerly known as the Hart Trophy and was first awarded in 1924.