Custom Trophies For All Occasions

Custom Golf Trophies

Golf trophies are a quintessential part of any championship. The game of golf is associated with many historic and prestigious awards that feature truly elegant designs. It’s possible to customize and create trophies that are reminiscent of these famous pieces and are also worthy of modern champions.  

Among the more classic varieties of golfing awards are golf trophy cups and bowls. These metallic-tone trophies can be engraved and etched using precision laser tools. They can also be affixed to heavy wood bases with one or multiple nameplates. A series of engraved plates can be added as golfers claim championship titles. When used as perpetual awards, gold trophies and cups will look great in clubhouse showcases and displays.

Glass, acrylic, and crystal golf trophies have become a popular trophy-cup alternative. They are more modern and highly stylized. Their clear, prismatic surfaces can be laser etched and create a dynamic visual effect. Champion golfers will be proud to show off these tokens of victory. They are also suitable as perpetual awards when paired with a base that can accommodate a series of nameplates. 

The traditional statue or tiered-style golf trophy will allow for many customization possibilities. In their simplest form, golf trophies will consist of a golfer or other figure in gold-tone, a base, and an engraved plate. From there, it’s possible to add multiple levels, colored and metallic columns, ribbons, and other trim accents. It’s easy to create truly impressive looking custom trophies through such additions. They can be used to mark the lowest handicaps, hole-in-one achievements, and even humorous worst golfer awards.

When seeking golf trophies for sale, many suppliers will show customization options online. It’s also possible to submit engraving text and even printed graphics. High definition laser printing and etching have made it easier to add logos and custom artwork directly onto some trophy styles, although incorporation of such features will depend on the capabilities of the individual trophy manufacturer or supplier.

Which trophy is associated with golf?     

One of the oldest and most famous trophies associated with golf is the Claret Jug, which is also known as the Golf Championship Trophy. The trophy is awarded to the winner of the Open Championship, or British Open. It has been used as a perpetual award since 1872, although the current trophy is not the original. The first Claret Jug is on permanent display, while the trophy now in circulation has been used since 1928. Winners get their names engraved on the trophy and also get to keep a replica once they return the trophy to be awarded to the next year’s winner. Other famous golf trophies include the Wanamaker Trophy, the Ryder Cup, the Amateur Championship Trophy, the Masters Trophy, the Walker Cup and the men’s and women’s US Open trophies. 

What is the name of the PGA championship trophy?

The PGA championship trophy is also known as the Wanamaker Trophy. The large, urn-style silver trophy cup is one of the largest in golf, standing nearly two-and-a-half feet tall and weighing 27 pounds. It has been named after one of the founders of the PGA of America, Rodman Wanamaker. Winners are awarded a full-size replica of the original, which they get to keep for a year. They then get to keep a smaller version permanently. 

What is the Arnold Palmer award?

Traditionally, the Arnold Palmer award is a professional golf title that’s given to the player who has earned the most money that season. Recently, PGA TOUR members voted that the Arnold Palmer Award will now be given to the TOUR Rookie of the Year. The trophy features a statue of Arnold Palmer on a cylindrical wood base.