Custom Trophies For All Occasions


Football Trophies For All Sports and Activites

Football trophies are an iconic part of the game. They can be customized for all different types of leagues, teams, players, and events. As football remains a popular sport for many players and fans, trophy suppliers offer virtually countless possibilities for creating custom football trophies and fantasy football trophies.

Cup and bowl-style trophies are a popular option for football. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from simple to quite ornate, and can be inscribed directly on their surface. Although these trophies may be awarded to teams, MVPs, and coaches, they are frequently used as perpetual awards. A large wooden base serves as a mount for a series of nameplates,  which can be engraved with names season after season. They are used for JV, varsity, and club leagues and have recently grown in popularity as perpetual fantasy football awards.

Reminiscent of the Super Bowl trophy and other iconic awards, crystal, acrylic, and glass statues are other options for creating an attention-grabbing trophy. For leagues that are seeking the best fantasy football trophies for their home and club showcases, these trophies can create an eye-catching prismatic effect that looks great alongside more traditional, metallic-tone trophies. Like trophy cups, they can be affixed to perpetual bases or customized for an individual player or coach. With laser etching, it’s possible to incorporate unique text and graphics directly in the crystal and glass.

There are also many funny awards that can be used as last place fantasy football trophies and worst draft pick awards. Additional options for humorous fantasy football awards feature uniformed players leaning back in armchairs, gold-tone skunks, and bobblehead football players.  

When youth football trophies are needed, budget can be a concern, as these custom trophies are typically awarded to every player on a team. It’s still easy to get cheap football trophies that look great, are made from quality materials, and can be customized in multiple ways. The most basic and affordable football trophies can be as simple as a topping figure, wood base, and engraved plate. Other customizations can include the addition of extra platforms, columns, trim ornaments, ribbons, and more, but even the most basic, budget-friendly trophies will impress.

What is the name of the Super Bowl trophy?

The Super Bowl trophy is also called the Vince Lombardi Trophy. It is awarded to the winning team of the NFL’s championship game. The trophy has been named for coach Vince Lombardi, who coached the Green Bay Packers when the team won the first two Super Bowl games. It was called the “World Professional Football Championship” trophy until it was renamed in 1970 to memorialize Lombardi following his death.  

What is a perpetual football trophy?

A perpetual football trophy is awarded to a winning team as part of a seasonal victory and is typically inscribed with nameplates to denote the victors of each championship. Players and teams do not get to keep perpetual trophies. Instead, they are passed from team to team or kept in a league or communal showcase. New nameplates and bases are added as needed to continuously commemorate winners.   

What is the Heisman Trophy awarded for? 

The Heisman Trophy, more formally known as the Heisman Memorial Trophy, is awarded to the most outstanding NCAA football player. It is considered one of the more prestigious awards in college sports. The winner of the trophy is voted upon by previous winners, sports journalists, NCAA sponsor partners, and fans. Winners get to keep the trophy, with a new one being made each year. The trophy was originally known as the DCA trophy for its presentation venue the Downtown Athletic Club and was later renamed to posthumously honor athlete, coach, and journalist John William Heisman.