Custom Trophies For All Occasions


Custom Trophies For All Sports and Activites

Custom trophies provide many options for honoring all kinds of achievements, including academic and professional accomplishments. Some of the most popular types of awards, however, are custom trophies for team sports, fantasy sports, and individual athletes. 

Today’s trophy manufacturers and suppliers can provide an extensive array of products that are ready for customization.

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These trophies include:

Baseball Trophies

Baseball trophies are used for little league tournaments and other youth sports programs. They can be customized for JV, varsity, and even for fantasy baseball championships. These trophies will feature batters, pitchers, catchers, and other motifs in gold and silver-tone finishes. They can also be engraved trophy cups, statue-style awards, as well as game ball holders that combine form with function.  

Basketball Trophies

Basketball trophies include a number of different cup and pedestal-style trophies with boy or girl basketball players, athletic stars, victory symbols, and other topping figures. These trophies are essential for youth basketball tournaments, basketball clubs, JV and varsity teams, hobby and recreational leagues, as well as fantasy basketball winners.    

Bowling Trophies

Bowling trophies have a longstanding tradition with the sport. Common motifs on these trophies include bowling figures atop a column, balls and pins shown mid-strike, and personifications of victory. These trophies are fully customizable for leagues of all types, including ten-pin bowling, nine-pin bowling, five-pin bowling, candlepin bowling, and duckpin bowling. They can be made for bowlers of all ages and for use as perpetual awards that are fit for display in alley showcases.  

Football Trophies

Football trophies are some of the most popular types of trophies of any sport. There are youth, JV, and varsity football trophies that are modeled after famous awards like the Heisman Trophy and the Vince Lombardi Trophy of the Super Bowl. As fantasy football has become a major pastime for many fans, there are numerous styles of awards designed specifically for fantasy football leagues and players, including a selection of funny and humorous football awards.  

Golf Trophies

Golf trophies can be easily customized for individual players, including those golfers who are skilled and lucky enough to get a hole-in-one. There are also golfer trophy cups and crystal awards that resemble classic trophies like the Claret Jug and Ryder Cup. These types of golf trophies look great in clubhouse showcases and are suitable as perpetual awards. Other golf trophies include products made especially for mini and putt-putt golf champions. 

Hockey Trophies

One of the most popular custom hockey trophy styles are trophy cups that resemble the iconic Stanley Cup. Other options include glass and crystal awards and traditional tiered trophies, which are topped with skaters and goalies, sticks and pucks, and other motifs associated with the sport. Hockey trophies can also be customized for field hockey tournaments, roller hockey competitions, fantasy hockey leagues, and more. 

Soccer Trophies

Soccer trophies offer a lot of possibilities for customization whether they’re used for youth tournaments, JV and varsity teams, and even fantasy soccer winners. As soccer remains a popular sport for people of all ages, these awards are made to appeal to fans and players alike. There are many styles that are reminiscent of the World Cup Trophy and other iconic awards.  

Softball Trophies

Softball trophies can be personalized for boys’ and girls’ leagues, players of fast-pitch and slow-pitch, and recreational and company softball tournaments. Softball trophies will usually feature players in action and lots of metallic tone-accents. They can be made ornate or simple so they’re suitable for just about any tournament, team, or event.

Wrestling Trophies

Wrestling trophies include an array of awards that are used for youth, JV, varsity, Greco-Roman, freestyle, and even arm wrestling tournaments. There are many different ways to customize a wrestling trophy, as well as other awards that have traditions rooted in the sport. For example, athletic medals are among the more classic types of awards that have been used to honor standout wrestlers.