Custom Trophies For All Occasions


Bowling Trophies Customized For All Activites

Bowling trophies can be customized for tournaments, youth leagues, perfect 300 games, and other victories. With a range of different styles, it’s easy to personalize trophies for individual bowlers, teams, and special competitions.

When looking for awards that call back to the designs of vintage bowling trophies, traditional platform, and tiered trophies are great options. These trophies feature a gold or silver bowling figure, positioned atop a column with metallic and colored accents. These trophies can have multiple tiers, trim accents, and a high-shine engraved plate. Classic-style bowling trophies also include cup and bowl trophies, which can be inscribed on the surface and fixed to a wood base. The base can then allow for multiple nameplates to be added as each tournament is won. 

Other styles of perpetual bowling trophies and awards include crystal, glass and acrylic statues. These can also be used as awards for major achievements like perfect games. They’re highly stylized and look great as part of alley showcases and personal displays. 

Modern trophy manufacturers also offer an array of funny bowling trophies for tongue-in-cheek honors like most gutter-balls and lowest score. These types of trophies always earn a smile from the recipient and team members.

For youth bowling leagues or anytime budgets are limited, there are still many cheap bowling trophies that look great and can be customized for all manner of events. A simple gold-tone figure or statue with a base and an engraved plate is a very affordable option. It’s even possible to incorporate colored emblems with custom graphics.

There are advantages to seeking bowling trophies for sale online. Many sellers have made it easier to see all customization options. This is also more convenient when specifying personalized engravings and submitting digital artwork. 

How do you customize bowling trophies?

Bowling trophies can be customized through the services of a trophy supplier. Many have put custom trophy designing tools online that enable buyers to browse and choose from individual design elements. It’s also possible to submit custom artwork and engraving details online. The degree of customization permitted by each trophy will depend on its structure and style. A traditional bowling trophy in a platform or tiered style will allow for more customization than a cup or statue style trophy, although capabilities like engraving and laser etching have made it possible to personalize even the most standard types of trophies. 

What is a perfect game in bowling?

A perfect game in bowling is a game in which a strike is scored by a player in every frame. In ten-pin bowling, this amounts to a score of 300 or 12 continuous strikes. In five-pin bowling, a perfect score is 450.  

What is the PBA World Championship?

The PBA World Championship is a major competition held by the Professional Bowlers Association. PBA members compete for a cash prize and claim to the Earl Anthony Trophy.  

What are the odds of bowling a 300 game?

The odds of bowling a 300 game vary based on the proficiency of the individual bowler, but a perfect game is still a somewhat rare occurrence in bowling. Mathematicians have calculated general odds as 11,500 to one. Odds are better for tour-level and PBA bowlers, with odds of bowling a perfect game being 3,000 to one and 460 to one, respectively.     

Do you get a ring for bowling a 300 game?

A commemoration ring is a traditional award for a league or tournament bowler who scores a 300 game. The rings will typically allow for additional precious stones or chips to be added that denote any additional perfect games bowled.