Custom Trophies For All Occasions

Basketball Trophies Customized For All Teams

Basketball trophies can make any player feel like a champion, especially when they feature various customizations and are made from high-quality materials. Basketball trophies for kids, JV, varsity, sports clubs, and other basketball leagues are available in a wide array of styles and types. When seeking basketball trophies for sale, there are now more options than ever for customizing trophies that are well within just about any budget.

Statue style trophies are popular options for youth basketball trophies. These awards feature a boy or girl player, stars, victory symbols, and other figures meant to top the trophy. They can be simply paired with a base and an inscription plate. This arrangement is perfect for a participation trophy or if you’re looking for cheap basketball trophies that still look great. 

Adding extra platforms, tiers, and columns are a simple way of enhancing a basketball trophy to look really impressive. These additions allow for easy incorporation of team colors, trim ornaments, and other add-ons that create an eye-catching award. They will look great in team photos and when shown off in showcases or personal displays. 

For a traditional award, cup-style basketball trophies are great for kids and adults alike. Now available in smaller styles, they are suitable for awards given to each member of a team, or as perpetual awards that can be updated season after season with the names of the winning team, school, or organization. Perpetual basketball trophies and plaques can feature a growing number of inscription plates, allowing for a single trophy to be used for many years. 

Modern basketball trophies have also become more stylish. Glass, acrylic, and crystal awards can be customized with laser etching, engraved bases, and other features. These are excellent options for recognizing outstanding athletic performances, retiring coaches, charity games, and more.

Trophies aren’t the only option for basketball awards; popular alternatives include medals, plaques, relief style statues, and ribbons. Depending on the different design elements, it’s possible to add full-color artwork thanks to digital printing and other capabilities that most trophy providers now offer. When searching for basketball trophies for sale, seek out a supplier that offers these customization services.      

Which basketball awards can be customized?

Most types of basketball awards allow for some type of customization. The most basic way of personalizing an award such as a trophy, plaque, medal, or statue is the inclusion of an engraved inscription plate. With awards like basketball ribbons, it’s possible to print custom text and graphics directly on the material. Further customization is achieved based on the unique features of the plaque, trophy, or statue. Traditional tiered style trophies allow for the most customization, as multiple levels, colored columns, topping figures, and trim ornaments can be added and arranged in many ways. Even fairly standardized basketball awards, like trophy cups and crystal statues, can now be enhanced thanks to laser carving and engraving. Instead of a few lines of text, it’s now possible to incorporate custom graphics from digital artwork.   

Who makes the NBA championship trophy?

The NBA championship trophy, also known as the Larry O’Brien Trophy or the NBA finals trophy, was first designed by jeweler Tiffany & Co. A new trophy is made each season prior to the championship game. Once awarded to the winning team, the trophy is briefly returned to Tiffany & Co. for engraving. The trophy is then returned to the victors to keep.   

What is the NCAA basketball trophy called? 

The trophies awarded to the winners of NCAA Men’s Division Basketball championship and the NCAA Woman’s Division Basketball championship are often referred to as NCAA National Championship trophies. The trophy design features a gold NCAA emblem set in a wood frame, which holds an inscribed plate. Another trophy associated with NCAA basketball is the National Association of Basketball Coaches trophy, which is made of marble and crystal. As of 2005, the trophy is called the Siemens Trophy.      

What is the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy made of?

The two-foot-tall, 15-and-a-half-pound Larry O’Brien Championship trophy is made of sterling silver and vermeil. It is then overlaid with 24 karat gold.