Custom Trophies For All Occasions

Baseball Trophies Customized For All Games

Baseball trophies for little league, JV and varsity teams, fantasy leagues, and sports clubs can easily be customized thanks to the capabilities of modern trophy manufacturers. When selecting custom trophies and awards, the first step is to choose the overall style. 

Trophy cups are not commonly associated with baseball, but they are a classic sports trophy option and can be customized for baseball leagues, teams, and players of all sorts. They are a great option for league and fantasy baseball trophies that will be used as perpetual awards. Trophy cups provide a lot of space for multiple engravings, especially when paired with a large base. Perpetual trophy bases will allow many nameplates to be added so that every season winners can be commemorated on a single trophy that’s ready for long-term display.

Platform and tiered trophies are another excellent choice for baseball trophies, particularly as kids baseball trophies. They can be coordinated for team colors using design elements like ribbons, colored columns, and full-colored trim ornaments. Trophies can be made quite impressive and elaborate to simple but still quite eye-catching. Even cheap baseball trophies that consist of just a figure, base, and engraved plate are made from the same high-quality materials as more ornate awards.

Custom plaques, resin and crystal statues, and athletic medals are also popular baseball awards. Like trophies, these products can be customized with laser engraving, personalized graphics, and can feature iconic motifs and figures, including bats, balls, mitts, and players in action. Ball holders are another option that combines form and function, giving players a place to display home run balls.

How much do small baseball trophies cost?

Small baseball trophies that only include a metallic-tone figure or emblem, fixed to a base with an engraved plate will typically cost as little as $5 US when ordered in larger quantities. Costs may be several dollars more than this when ordering fewer units or just a single trophy. The amount of customization required will also factor in. Most manufacturers and suppliers will charge less per trophy when ordered in bulk. Other budget-friendly baseball awards include ribbons, medals, small plaques, and resin statues. 

Do baseball players get to keep the World Series trophy?

The individual players on the winning team of the World Series are awarded World Series rings instead of individual trophies. The Commissioner’s Trophy, also known as the World Series trophy, is awarded collectively to the team. A new trophy is created each season and presented to the winning team. The trophies are often displayed at the team's home stadium/field.     

What is the baseball World Series trophy called?

The World Series trophy is officially called the Commissioner’s Trophy. The trophy depicts a series of flags that represent each team of North Americans Major League Baseball's National League and American League. A new sterling silver, gold-plated trophy is created each season. It is unique as an American professional sports trophy in that it is the only one not named for an individual associated with the sport. Although the trophy has been awarded to MLB teams since 1967, it was only officially named in 1985. 

What are some little league award ideas?

In addition to classic baseball trophies, little leaguers are often presented with custom ribbons, engraved medals, and plaques that double as photo frames. Baseball awards for kids can also include products like custom water bottles, duffel bags, baseball holders and cases, mini baseball bats, custom printed t-shirts, and more.